Camping Spirit Stove Rental

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Camping Spirit Stove Rental

Spirit-Stove .

* Camping, Bike-packing, Backpacking, Hiking portable Spirit stove
* Too small dimensions Ideal for bike-packing and lightweight backpacking,
* Fuel Capacity : 70ml
* We recommend this stove to cycle torturers, backpackers, and anyone who is travelling and wants to have a minimalist kitchen with spirit stove,

The ultimate combination of spirit stove for weight to heat efficiency.lightweight spirit stove for trekking lovers and with low cost of rental in nearest you, camping trips, short bike touring trips, Durable and easy to use , this is a piece of camp-gear that you’ll carry with you for number of days


spirit stove will help you.Spirit stove is a compact stove it is a easy carry-able one.

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