Our Story

X-Dog trekking Hire Ltd is an early stage start up focused in the adventure space based out of Bangalore.It’s all clean, easy-to-use, and top quality from well-known brands. No old musty stuff. Find anything you need for camping, backpacking and more by clicking on a rental category on the right. We cater for everyone’s needs trekking, camping, holidays, festivals, an increasing number of kid’s parties, to companies, who are looking to accommodate large numbers in a tent village. We rent out all kinds of camping tents and camping equipment to fulfill the needs of our clients to have a perfect trekking and camping adventure. Customer satisfaction and remarkable quality products is the focus of our business. camping-tent-for-rent and we have different king of tents 2 person tent, 3 person tent and many more. We tailor our services to meet and exceed your event needs and desires, we have a wide variety of outdoor equipment available for rent including camping tents,Trekking Tentsfor rent, sleeping bags, trekking backpacks, trekking and camping lights, portable stoves, leech proof socks, Gaiters for rent, shoes for rent, rain coat for rent, ponchos, Hiking Poles for Himalayan Trekking All kind of camping Gears and many more. We bring fun and exciting outdoor experience to our clients within their reach with top quality gear. So if you are looking for remarkable quality, clean & hygienic camping tents on rent just give us a call. Either you can collect from us or we provide home delivery service also. Assuring the best quality always, Just promise to send it back when you’re done. Camping is a fantastic family activity and from tents to sleeping mats and stoves to sleeping bags, we have the equipment you need to do it in comfort. all gears providing for rental only. how we have been successfully supplying groups and individuals with good quality trekking equipment for the past 6 years.